May 8

1864: Solely for God’s glory

On Sunday, May 8th Don Bosco called a meeting of all the members of the Society of St. Francis of Sales and spoke to them as follows: “I have summoned you all tonight to tell you something about the origin and growth of our Society. Let me first say that I expect each of you to keep this confidential… These things redound to Don Bosco’s glory! Not in the least! My only concern is that I shall have to give the strictest account about how I carried out God’s will. Every step I took was in conformity with the design that the Lord revealed to me. All I have done so far had no other aim. This is the reason why I never let myself be cowed in the face of opposition, harassment, and frightening difficulties. The Lord was always with us.” (BM VII, 397-98)

1886: Physical exhaustion

On his return from Spain, Dr. Combal of the University of Montpellier, examined Don Bosco and confirmed his earlier diagnosis, (25th March 1884) viz. Physical exhaustion. “Don Bosco has no special sickness, but he is completely exhausted. His body is worn out with his daily fatigue. He eats very little, but continues to work day after day. For me this is the greatest miracle.” (MB XVIII, 124)

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