May 6

Feast of St. Dominic Savio (18424856)
(cfr. Index)
1883: You will be a missionar

Don Bosco celebrated Holy Mass in the chapel of “Dame del Ritiro” at Paris. The server was Subdeacon Joseph Crimont, SJ. Later he served Don Bosco’s Mass once again and spoke to the saint about his desire to be a missionary in spite of his weak health. Don Bosco predicted that he would be cured and that he would become a missionary one day. Infact he was nominated Vicar Ap. of Alaska in 1916. (cfr. MB XVI, 271)

1931: Miraculous Cure

Catherine Pilenga-Lanfranchi was cured miraculously through the inter-cession of blessed Don Bosco. This served as one of the miracles required for the canonization. (cfr. MB XIX, 231)

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