May 5

Mary Help of Christians

The Catholic forces won over the Turks on October 7, 1571 at Lepanto, thanks to the courage and prayers of Pius V. In memory of this victory, and to thank the Blessed Virgin, the Pope introduced the invocation “Mary Help of Christians, pray for us,” in the Litany of Loreto. (cfr. Breviary)

1886: “Tibi dabo”

While in Spain, Don Bosco was offered a property on Tibi-dabo hill. Some catholics had bought this property to prevent the construction of a hotel or a protestant church there. The saint accepted the gift and assured them that a church in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus would be constructed on that hill. (cfr. MB XVIII, 112-114)

1935: Commemorative slab

A marble slab in memory of the first four salesian Provinces was unveiled at Alassio. The erection of the provinces took place on 6th February 1879.

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