May 4

1862: Death predicted

While telling his boys what he expected of them during Mary’s month, Don Bosco suddenly changed the theme. Referring to Don Bosco’s talks the Bonetti chronicle said: “Will someone die here this month?…We shall see…” He then resumed his previous topic. Such an unusal digression left us all wondering. (BM VII, 100) With these words Don Bosco foretold the death of Luigi Marchisio. (cfr. No. 491)

1875: Fight with the Devil

Don Bosco addressed the boys as usual from the little pulpit: …hordes of animals resembling lions and tigers appeared. These ferocious beasts had big bodies, strong legs, and long necks, but their heads were quite small. They were terrifying…unable to over-power them by this first attack, the beast snapped at the fork prongs only to break their teeth and vanish. Some of the boys, however, had forks with only one prong and these were wounded…Many had pitchforks with two prongs and new handles…I asked someone what the two-pronged forks symbol-ized. I was handed a fork and on the prongs I read these two words: Confession, on one, Communion, on the other…A very noble lady royally arrayed came to the railing of this balcony and called out: “Come my children and take shelter under my mantle.” As she spoke, an immense mantle spread out and all the boys ran to take cover under it. Some actually flew; these had the word Innocence on their forehead. Others just walked; and some crawled”…(BM XI, 241-42)

1881: Louis Colle in heaven:

On May 4, 1881 Don Bosco wrote to Countess Colle: “Be reassured,” he wrote, our beloved Louis is most certainly saved and asks two things of you: that you earnestly prepare yourself to join him in heaven when it shall so please God, and that you pray intensely for him, as he in turn will obtain special graces for you.” (BM XV, 60) 

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