May 31

1862: Don’t laugh at sacred things

When Don Bosco was hearing the confession of a sick women, her brother started scolding her. During the “Good Night” the saint said: From the patient’s room I could hear efforts being made to hush him until his sister could finish her confession, but he would not keep silent…in my presence he began to upbraid his sister for racking her brains when she was so ill. But she begged him to let her set her conscience right…Later, in the adjoining room, he remarked to me, “I doubt that I’ll give you so much trouble when I get sick.” His sister overheard him. “You’d be lucky if, by God’s grace, you could have a priest at your bedside. Pray that it doesn’t happen that you need one and can’t get him!”… The following day this man set out for a distant village. As soon as he arrived there, he developed a high temperature and was soon in critical condition. In this predicament he screamed for a priest…the pastor came, calmed him down and heard his confes-sion… “Tell everybody about this”, he begged the pastor. Only the other night I was ridiculing my sister for wanting to make her confession…” Don Bosco concluded: “Be careful not to laugh at or mock what concerns God’s worship. Don’t criticize your good companions for their deport-ment, their reception of the sacraments, or their avoidance of worldly-minded schoolmates. Such mockery may call God’s judgement upon you.” (BM vii, 121-122)

1867: Miraculous cure

Don Rua heard Don Bosco say to Father Berto: “While I was in town yesterday, an eight-or nine-year-old boy walked up to me and said, ‘Don Bosco, don’t you remember me?’ `Who are you,’ I asked `I’m the one you blessed some days ago. Look! I am cured! I have some money here to give you from my mother. Our Lady had cured me!’… Not long ago, a sister of his, suffering from a severe backache and finding no human remedy, decided to come to the Oratory for a blessing. I told her to pray and make a novena to Mary Help of Christians. One day, while I was in town, a girl ran up to me, ‘Do you remember me? She asked. You blessed me one day in the sacristy of your church. When I finished the novena, my backache was gone. Now I feel fine’.” (BM VIII, 348-349)

1883: Weak resolutions

Don Bosco implored supernatural help to know the reason why many souls are lost. He dreamt that this was due to lack of firm resolutions in confessions. He seemed to see boys leaving church after confession, their heads sprouting two horns. “What causes this?, I asked myself. Alt, this is due to feeblAill resolutions. That’s why so many go frequently to confession but never mend their ways and keep confessing the same sins o and over again.” (BN4 X, 48)

1959: Consecration to Mary

Father Ziggiotti, the Superior General consecrated the Congregation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians. (“Boll. Sal.” 1959. p. 257ff)

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