May 29

1855: The Law of Suppression

Victor Emmanuel II, the king was in a dilemma. Don B?sco wrote to him a letter which predicted dire consequences for on the royal family should the king sign the unjust law. But the court-theologians advised him to ignore Don Bosco’s letter. “Ignore his dire prediction threats…” (they said) “What I want to know is this,” the King said, “Can I in conscience sign this bill?” “Most certainly,” they replied. He did so that very same day, May 29, 1855. This law affected 35 religious orders, 334 houses and 5,406 religious. (BM v, 155) This caused many misfortunes to the royal family, as foretold by Don Bosco on 28 November 1854. (cfr. No. 483)

1869: Lanzo pupils cured

Seven pupils of the Lanzo School were stricken with smallpox and, on doctor’s orders, were confined to the infirmary. Don Bosco was visiting the house that day and they had a little plan of their own: “If we can get Don Bosco up here,” they said, “he will bless us and we will be well again and enjoy the feast.” Immediately they sent for the director (Father John Baptist Lemoyne) and begged him to bring Don Bosco to their room as soon as he arrived. Meanwhile each one had his clothes ready at the foot of his bed… “Oh, Don Bosco, bless us and make us well,” they all shouted as soon as he entered the room… …”let us all say a Hail Mary together!” After the prayer, he blessed them. “May we get up now,” the boys asked, reaching for their clothes. “Do you trust in Our Lady?” “Yes, yes.” “Then get up!” Don Bosco said. And he left, accompanied by the director…the director returned to the infirmary to see what had happened, but six of the boys were already gone. Only one – John Baravalle – had lingered in bed to ask whether he might get worse if he were to get up…the director went to the playground looking for his sick pupils…all pustules and blotches had disappeared. (BM IX, 307-308)

1954: Canonization of Pius X

It took place on the last Saturday of the month of May, in the Marian Year (the first centenary of the apparition of Lourdes). The new saint knew Don Bosco and had visited him on August 15, 1875. (cfr. “Boll. Sal.” 1954) 

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