May 27

1867: Not a diocesan work

When Mgr. Riccardi, the new Archbishop called at the Oratory, Don Bosco was out of station. Moved by such graciousness, the next day Don Bosco hastened to return the visit and was received with warm joy. After some talks, Don Bosco said: “Your Excellency can help me a great deal in a most important matter.” “I will he delighted.” “You may know that I have started a religious society.” “You have?” the archbishop replied in astonishment… Until then the archbishop had believed Don Bosco’s institute to be diocesan and under his jurisdiction, but on learning that its scope was worldwide and that it would depend on Rome and not on him, he reacted as to an affront. “I thought you would work exclusively in my diocese,” he commented, “and that we would help each other on behalf of souls entrusted to my care!” As though smarting under a bitter disappointment, he coldly dismissed Don Bosco. His coldness increased with time, but only because some people kept making him suspicious of the Oratory. (BM VIII, 344-345)

1952: Cause of first Salesian Martys

The cause of Bishop Versiglia and Father Caravario, martyred in China on February 25, 1930. was introduced in Rome. (CDB, 212)

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