May 20

1877: Mary never fails

During the “Good Night” Don Bosco spoke as follows: _I urge you as best I can – may my words be engraved upon your minds and hearts – to call upon the name of Mary, specifically saying, ‘Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us!’ Brief as it is, it has been found to be a most effective prayer. I have suggested it to many, and all or nearly all have told me of the happy results they obtained. I have heard the same from people who regularly and of their own accord say the prayer without having been previously advised… If I hear that one of you prayed sincerely with no results, I will immediately write to St. Bernard and tell him he was wrong when he said: “Remember, 0 most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who implored Your help was kit unaided.’ But, don’t worry, I won’t have to write to St. Bernard. Even if I did, that saintly Doctor of the Church would quickly spot some fault on your girt. (BM XIII, 321)

1883: Victor lIugo’s visit

At Auteuil, in the suburbs of Paris, Victor Hugo, the famous French poet visited Don Bosco twice. After some discussion on religion and philoso-phy, the author took leave of the saint, saying: “I am Victor Hugo. I believe in God and the supernatural and hope to die assisted by a priest.” (cfr. MB XVI, 156ff)

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