May 2

1861: The wheel of eternity

Don Bosco dream that an unknown person led him to a vineyard. There i the guide showed him a mysterious wheel and asked him to turn it. The saint said: What a sight! All the Oratory boys stood there before my eyes… the boys were separated into two groups: the good and the had; the former beaming with joy, the latter – not many, thank God -a sorry sight. I gave the wheel another turn and looked. This time I saw seven other boys, defiant and distrustful, their lips pad-locked…1 gave the wheel another turn, I was horrified to see three boys gripped from behind by three husky monkeys armed with horns. Each beast gripped its victim’s throat by its forepaws so tightly that the boy’s face became flushed and his bloodshot eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Moreover, the beast’s hind legs and long tail bound the boy’s thighs and legs so as to almost completely immobilize him…to make it impossible for them to take a step in the right direction… (the guide said) Constant hard work; incessant, painstaking mortification, fervent and persevering prayer! (BM VI, 533-535 passim)

1886: Train held up for Don Bosco

At Alassio the station master held up the train for some time to enable Don Bosco, who arrived late, to hoard it! (err. MB XVII, -03)

1922: Cause of Father Rua

The diocesan process for the beatification of Don Rua was arte Turin (4- 6th April 1910). (cfr. DR III, p.691) started d at He was declared venerable in 1953 and was beatified on October 29, 1972 by Pope Paul VI. His feast day is observed on October 29.

1959: Don Bosco’s Basilica, Rome

The consecration of Don Bosco’s Church was performed by cardinal Aloysius Masella, Cardinal Protector of the Salesian Congregation. The mortal remains of the Saint were brought from Turin to Rome for the occasion. (cfr. “Boll. Sal” 1959, May-June) 

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