May 19

1861: Don Bosco’s Photograph

Father John Bonetti wrote quoting Don Bosco:
“…My friends, I’ll tell you something. If you want to take my picture, you must make a good confession. Otherwise you’ll never succeed. They thought 1 was joking and laughed. Yet, after more than an hour of vain attempts, they had to give up. Therefore, I’ll tell you the same thing. If you are in God’s grace, go ahead. If not, you’ll only be wasting your time.” (BM VI, 569) After much insistence and repeated requests Don Bosco allowed himself to he photographed. Two days later he photographed him again in the act of hearing confessions. The closest penitents were Joseph Reano, Paul Albera and Charles Viale. (BM VI, sos)

1862: Prediction of death verified

Luigi Marchisio, a pupil of the Oratory died at the age of 22. A few days earlier Don Bosco had foretold that one of his boys would die towards the end of May. Since the boys insisted and Father Rua agreed with them, the saint wrote the name on a piece of paper and put it in a sealed envelope. He handed it to Ferdinand Imoda, a man who was known to keep a secret. Not long afterward, Marchisio fell sick…as soon as news came of Marchisio’s death (at home), the boys rushed to Imoda, clamouring that he read the mysterious note. He did so in Father Rua’s presence. The piece of paper, in Don Bosco’s own hand, carried but one word – Marchisio! (BM VII, 105; cfr. No. 438)

1866: Powerful title

A lady suffering from arthritis for a whole year was cured instantly after a prayer to and the blessing of Mary Help of Christians imparted by Don Bosco. Countless other people prayed to Her. Don Bosco said: “Countless other people had recourse to Her with a novena promising offerings if their prayers were heard. if I had to list all the graces received ! could fill large volumes…Bygranting such cures, God supplies us with the funds to finish the building of this church. Turin, Geneva, Bologna, Naples, but above all Milan, Florence and Rome, experienced the goodness of Mary under the title of Help of Christians and showed their gratitude by their donations. More remote cities, too, such as Palermo, Vienna, Paris, London and Berlin, had recourse to Mary…I am not aware that anyone prayed in vain. Spiritual and temporal [avows, more or less extraordinary, always resulted frompraying to our most merciful Mother, the mighty Help of Christians….” (BM VIII, 176)

1943: Death of Mgr. Luigi Olivares

He was ordained a pnest in the seminary of Milan in UM. Five years later he entered the Salesian Congregation. He was professor of theology at Foglizzo and curate at Rome. He was made Bishop of Sutri and Nepi by Pope Benedict XV. After governing the diocese for 27 years, he died in odour of sanctity at Pordenonc. (cfr. CDM, 200) 

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