May 18

Feast St. Leonard Murialdo

Born in Tunn 1828 from wealthy parents, he became the priest of the poor, like Don Bosco. In 1873 he founded the Pious Society of St. Joseph to look after poor youth. He was alsoquite active in awakening Catholics to their rights and duties as citizens. His last efforts were given to further the movement for a Christian democracy in Italy. He was proclaimed a saint by Pope Paul VI on May 3, 1970. (BM 82-footnote)

1883: First Meeting with Prince Augustus

At the invitation of Princess Margaret d’Orleans, step-mother of Prince Augustus Czartoryski (second wife of Prince Ladislaus), Don Bosco Said Mass in the private chapel of hotel Lambert (residence of the Czartoryskis exiled from Poland). Seven princes were present and they all received communion. Prince Ladislaus and his son Augustus served Mass on that occasion. (cfr. MB XVI, 226-228)

1887: Last visit to Rome

After the consecration of the church of the Sacred Heart on 14th May, Don Bosco left Rome for the last time. He had visited the eternal city twenty times. (cfr, MB XVIII, 353-355)

1928: Don Bosco appeared to Sr. Massimi

Venerable Don Bosco appeared a second time to Sister Giuseppina Massimi (the first time on 15th May 1928). He showed her the religious habit meaning that she would he cured soon, which took place on May 20th. (cfr. MB XIX, 93)

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