May 13

Feast of St. Mary Mazzarello

Mary Mazzarello (1837-1881), the oldest of seven children, grew up in a hardworking, devout, peasant family. At fifteen she consecrated her life to God by a perpetual vow of purity. In 1885 she was among the first to join the Daughters of Mary Immacu-late. Until she was twenty-three, she worked on the farm; then, stricken 11.)., typhoid fever contracted in assisting the sick, she came very near to death, but recovered. In 1864 she met Don Bosco who quickly realized her worth and founded his hopes on her for a congregation of sisters to give girls a thorough Christian education. His dream was realized in 1872 when Mary Mazzarello become co-foundress and first mother general of the Daughters of Mary, Help of Christians. She held this office till her death in 1881. Her cause of beatification was introduced in 1925; she was declared blessed in 1938 and a saint in 1951. (BM vii, 450 footnote)

1877: Novena for Pentecost

During the “Good Night” Don Bosco exhorted the boys to make this novena well.
It is particularly during the novena to the Holy Spirit that I usually urge you to consider your vocation, for it is the best time to learn what the Lord asks of us. Put your mind to it, then all of you, especially those who now wear the cassock, having entered upon a clerical career. These need perseverance…•urthermore, we at the Oratory arcs blessed to know that Mary, Help of Christians stands at our side to protect us, daily showering us with Her favours, even earthly ones: a blind person regaining his sight, an epileptic completely healed, as happened just this morning; person crippled for eight years now beginning to walk, which happened yesterday. I could go on and on telling you of so many other marvellous extraordinary healings generously and conti nu ously wrought by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary for those who call upon Her. (BM XIII, 318-319)

1886: Cutlery stolen!

During h is visit to the majorsaninaryof Grenoble.believing Don Bosco to he a saint, four seminarians took away the cutlery used by him, and replaced them with new ones bought at their expense. One of the four “thieves” was Peter Mouton, who later became a Carthusian. (cfr. MB XIII, 129-33: 657-661)

1887: Last papal audience

Pope Leo Xlll received Don Bosco in his pro, die apartments. He had an easy chair brought for the saint and had his own fur coat put on his legs to prevent the cold. A very intimate conversation followed. Among other things Don BOSCO told the Pope: Your Holiness, I am old, before dying I wanted to get your blessing. There is nothing more to be done than to sing the • Nunc (cfr. MB XVIII, 329.333) 

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