May 12

1875: First Missionary Expedition

During the “Good Night” Don Bosco announced that soon salesian missionaries would go to America. Now let us take courage and endeavour in every way to prepare ourselves to go to these lands and do some good there. Soon we shall select the personnel, and those chosen will start learning Spanish, the language spoken in Argentina. No one should be dismayed by the distance of those lands. Today even the longest distance have shrunk, thanks to steam power and telegraphy. (BM XI, 134)

1886: Patience matters

During his last journey to France to solicit help for the construction of the church of Sacred Heart, Rome, Don Bosco visited the seminary of Grenoble. Realizing that the saint was tired, Abbot Rabillon, the Rector, said to him, “I see that you are suffering much. But no one knows better than you the value of sufferings!” Don Bosco intervened, “No, Father Rector, it is not the suffering that make one holy, but the patience with which they are borne.” (cfr. MB XVIII, 128-129, 657)

1940: Death of Blessed Orione

-Orione was a pupil of Don Bosco and was much attached to him.
-He was one of the boys who offered his life for Don Bosco in January 1888.
-When the body of Don Bosco was lying in state, Orione’s finger which was badly cut, was miraculously cured. (February 1, 1888)
-He did not become a salesian, but founded a religious congregation, and always preserved sweet memories of the saint. Whenever he came to Turin he visited the Church of Mary Help of Christians and paid a visit to the salesians. On 1st April 1934 he was present at Rome for the canonization of Don Bosco on the 3rd he was present also for the solemn pontifical , audience. On 8th he took part in the solemn procession with the relics of Don Bosco at Turin. (cfr. MB XVIII, 591) 

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