May 10

1884: Youngsters should know they are loved

Don Bosco wrote from Rome to his salesians and boys at Valdocco, describing as he had seen in a dream, the state of the Oratory as it used to be in the early years and as it was then. During the earlier period there was familiarity between the boys and Superiors. The salesians took part in the recreations of the boys. They had no secrets from their superiors. Following the dream he wanted “That the youngsters should not only be loved, but that they should know that they are loved.” (cfr. MB XVII, 107ff; Constitutions and Regulations, p. 257)

1887: Last visit to Rome

Don Bosco visited Rome for the last time on the occasion of the Consecration of the Church of the Sacred Heart (May 14). (cfr. MB XVIII, 328)

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