May 1

1865: Not to be enticed by the devil

Don Bosco spoke as follows during the “Good Night”: Dear boys, I dreamed that I was in church. It was packed with boys, but only a few were going to Holy Communion. Near the altar rail a lanky horned individual, black as coal, was showing magic slide pictures. Enticed by them, the boys forgot every thing else. As a result, only a few went to Holy Communion.
Do you understand what this means, my children? It means that the devil does his utmost to distract you in church in order to keep you away from the sacraments. Some boys are so foolish as to pay attention to him. My dear children, this devilish lantern must be smashed to pieces. How? By glancing at the crucifix and reminding oneself that keeping away from Holy Communion is the same as throwing oneself into the devil’s arms. (BM VIII, 69)

1868: The mysterious vine

Don Bosco dreamed about a magnificent vine which produced appar-ently good grapes, but they tasted like rotten eggs. Every hunch bore the name of a boy with his sins. The saint was not allowed to take down the names of the boys. All on a sudden the vineyard was destroyed by a tempest and the guide told Don Bosco: “These are the two main vices (immodesty and pride) that ruin most souls not only in your house but all over the world. In due time, you will see how many will plunge into hell because of them.” (BM IX, 83)

1872: Pope’s appreciation

The Pope wrote to Don Bosco to congratulate him on his mediatory role to fill the vacant dioceses of Italy: With pleasure we learned from your letter of April 8 that the bishops appointed to the vacant Italian dioceses received a warm welcome and that your city shows an increase of love for the Church…we most willingly impart to you, your assistants and boys, our apostolic benediction in token of our fatherly affection. (BM X, 210)

41885: Three cures

The cure of the following took place after Don Bosco’s blessing.
– Ernesto Dernaistre aged five whose one side was paralysed.
– his brother aged nine who was unable to speak,
– another girl of fifteen who was paralysed. (cfr. MB XVII, 453)

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