March 9

1857: Death of Dominic Savio

Dominic left the Oratory on March 1, at two in the afternoon. The native air did help him to get better. But by March 9 his condition became very serious. He told his father:
“Dad, it’s time! Take the Companion of Youth and read the prayers for a happy death for me”…at the end of each verse of the litany of the dying, he insisted on saying all by himself: “Merciful Jesus, have mercy on me…Good-bye Dad, good-bye! Oh! what a beautiful thing I see”…With these words and a pleasant smile, Dominic breathed his last, his hands crossed on his breast. On the evening of March 9, 1857, there was one angel less on earth and one more in heaven. (BM V, 419) The archdiocesan preparatory process for Dominic Savio’s beatification and canonization was started in Turin on April 4, 1908. He was declared: — Venerable on July 9, 1933 — Blessed on March 5, 1950 — Saint on June 12, 1954.

1858: First audience with Pius IX

The Pope spoke to the saint of the possibility of founding a religious Congregation: “My dear Father, you have set many things in motion, but what would happen to all of them if you were to die?…set up your society in such a way that the government cannot interfere with it. Yet, don’t be content to bind its members only with simple promises, for in that case the link between members, or between superiors and subjects, would not be adequate. You could never be sure of them…. Formulate your constitutions according to these principles, and then we shall examine them..Then come back in a few days, and I shall tell you what I think.” (BM v, 561)

1882: Protestant cured by Our Lady

At Cannes (France) a young protestant lady approached Don Bosco for a cure. The saint told her that he did not personally heal anyone and that it was Our Lady, Help of Christians, the Mother of Jesus Christ, who granted such favours and miracles. She feared that her prayers would not be heard since she was a protestant. Don Bosco said to her: “Protestant or not, put your faith and firm hope in the Mother of God… Pray to Mary Help of Christians for nine days and you will be cured.” Just days later her father called on Don Bosco in Nice to thank him and say that his daughter had been completely healed and that he was ready to pay any sum he chose to name. Don Bosco replied that he sought nothing for himself… The gentleman gave him five thousand gold francs. (BM XV,423)

1950: Miraculous cure

On the anniversary of Dominic Savio’s death (he was beatified four days earlier), Antonia Micelli of Lecce (Italy), mother of four children, was miraculously cured through the intercession of the new Beatus. This was the second miracle for his canonization. (efr “Boll.Sal.” 1954,p.213) 

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