March 8

1883: Luigi Colle

At Hyeres (France) Luigi College (+ 3 April 1881) appeared to Don Bosco during Mass. Louis told him about a region in South America which was in dire need of missionaries, and showed the source of the Chubut River in the Cordillera de los Andes…”Children should go to communion often…they should be admitted to Holy Communion early; God wants them to nourish themselves with the Eucharist…” (BM XV, 66)

1911 : Death of Francis Bosco

Francis, son ofJoseph Bosco and nephew of the saint, was a pupil at the Oratory’ from 1848 to 1855. Two of his daughters became FMA nuns, Sister Clementina (+ May 8, 1892) and Mother Fulalia (+ Feb. 261938), (cfr. CDB. 100) 

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