March 6

1858: Preventive system in practice

Don Bosco was at the Technical School of St. Michael, Rome with Card. Tosti. They went around the Institute along with the Director. A boy bounced downstairs singing and whistling. The director scolded him for the ill-mannered behaviour: “Did the boy do anything wrong?” (asked Don Bosco) “Don’t you think that such loutish whistling was uncivil?” “But it was not a deliberate infraction.” (said Don Bosco)… “I expect silence at certain hours of the day too, but I ignore minor, thoughtless slips. Besides I let my boys shout and sing in the playground and on the stairways….Don’t you think we ought to go and cheer him up?” The director courteously agreed. In the shop Don Bosco called the boy over to him; bitter and dejected he shuffled over. “Come here my friend,” Don Bosco said to him. “I want to tell you something. Don’t he afraid. Your superior has kindly given me permission to talk to you…cheer up! everything is all right, provided that you be a good boy from now on and we remain friends. Take this medal and say a Hail Mary for me!” (BM V, 551)

1869: Cure predicted

Mrs. Lucy Perlo of Caramagna brought her sick daughter to Don Bosco, who blessed the sick girl and said: “Your daughter will be cured in May.” Thus did it happen. The girl recovered and joined the Sisters of St. Joseph in Turin. Father Bartholomew Marchisio, a fellow town man of that young lady, confirmed this incident. (BM IX, 258)

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