March 31

1870: Father Croserio’s death foretold

The day before Father Croserio’s death, Don Bosco saw him in a dream: he was going to the altar for Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, wearing a richly embroidered cope studded with jewels and shining stars. He looked most handsome. How can Croserio be here ? Don Bosco wonderedisn he sick ? 0h,1 see. This is the sign that he is about to go to Heaven! In fact, Father Croserio died the following day. ([3M IX, 411)

1879: Chicory for the eyes

Don Bosco learnt from a dream that an extract of chicory was a good remedy for his eye ailments. …A mysterious lady had appeared to him in a dream, holding a small bottle of dark green liquid in her hand. “If you wish your eyes to be healed”, she told him, “use a few drops of this chicory extract every morning for fifty days”…. Don Bosco asked Father Lago, who had been a pharmacist, “Tell me, Father Lago, is an extract of chicory good for the eyes?” “It is a recommended medication. he answered. “Fine, prepare me some.” (13M XIV, 87)

1882: Alms according to means

After Don Bosco’.s conference on almsgiving (March 30), a Capuchin priest, confessor of a very rich man without heirs, came to see him. On being told that the latter’s penitent gave 20,000 lire annually in alms, Don Bosco asked: “Is that all? If he meant to obey Christ’s command to give alms according to his riches, he would have to give more than one hundred thousand lire. What does he plan to do with his money?” (BM XV, 433) The good friar discussed the matter with the rich man who lent him a dea feat, nay, taking offence at the Gospel frankness, he terminated his services.

1935: Don Bosco to take him to heaven

Brother Anthony Tarable of Pocapaglia (Italy) died at Magellano (Tierra del Fuego, Argentina). When he first came to meet Don Bosco he was 27 years old. The saint told him, “Anthony, you will go to Tierra del Fuego with Mgr. Fagnano and stay there for the rest of your life and do much work. When it is time up for you, I will come and take you to heaven.” On November 3, 1888 Tarable accompanied Mgr. Fagnano to Tierra del Fuego and worked there 47 years. Faithful to his promise Don Bosco took him to heaven to commemorate together the first anniversary of his canonization. (cfr. Mort. letter)

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