March 3

1861: Everything to be recorded

A group of his beloved sons got together and agreed among themselves that they would record everything concerning Don Bosco so that nothing would be lost to posterity. We must do all we can to record everything for posterity, so that one day, like a blazing torch it may illumine the whole world for the salvation of youth…at the second meeting, held on March 3, 1861, the following officers were elected…At this meeting a draft of Don Bosco’s dream of December 28 (1860) was read. All agreed on its essential points but recommended clarification of some details. After scheduling another session for April 1, the meeting was adjourned. (BM VI, 505-06)

1878: Pope’s mother

Don Bosco was in Rome for the coronation of the new Pope, Leo XIII. In the meantime he made the acquaintance of the Pope’s mother and blessed a rosary for her. (cfr. CDB, 96)

1887: Only two ribs are broken

While on a missionary tour Mgr. Cagliero fell off the horse. On regaining consciousness, he saw his companions weeping. The bishop said: “Please do not bother, of my many ribs, I don’t think more than two are broken.” (cfr. MB XVIII, 399)

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