March 28

1858: With the diplomatic corps

The Pope wanted that Don Bosco should receive the blessed palm from him with the diplomatic corps. After the Pope had blessed the palms, the diplomatic corps filed in turn toward his throne to receive them from his hands. Don Bosco and Rua also knelt at his feet and received their palm. This privilege had been Pius IX’s idea. After all, was not Don Bosco an ambassador of the Most High? Later, when he was back at the home of the Rosminians, Rua offered his palm to Father Pagani, who was appreciative of the gesture and the gift. (PM v, 590)

1885: Kind gesture

After Mass at Nice Don Bosco gave a small cross made out ofpalm leaves to his server and told him: “This is for my server!” Leone Levrot, (that was the boy’s name), became a salesian and died on September 9, 1939. (cfr. MB XVIII, 425)

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