March 24

1876: Opposition

Don Bosco wrote a second letter with regard to the privileges, especially the faculty to issue dimissorial letters. It was again submitted to the committee of four cardinals who had already examined the first one. Unfortunately no progress was made. Cardinal Berardi wrote to Don Bosco: “I am grieved to have to tell that the Cardinals whose opinion was asked in the matter of your recent petition, did not see tit to give their consent to the application for dimissorial letters, … Therefore, be patient also in this. As soon as you can come again, we shall discuss how best to go about it.”… This was the situation when the Turin Ordinary grew so perturbed at the news that Don Bosco was seeking privileges in Rome, that he gave vent to his feelings and voiced his fears to Cardinal Bizzarri, possibly at the instigation of some who had reasons for wanting to stir up trouble… (BM XI, 443)

1880: House authorized by Canon Sarto

Canon Sarto, Vicar Capitular of the diocese of Treviso and future Pope Pius X, authorized Don Bosco to open a salesian Institute at Mogliano Veneto, which was within the territory of Treviso diocese. Canon Joseph Sarto, vicar capitular, not only granted the request but chose to write out the entire decree in his own hand, using exceptionally benevolent words for Don Bosco whom he had personally met at the Oratory in 1875. The school was inaugurated November 8, 1882 by Father Moses Veronesi, director. (Bmxtv, 541)

1885: Once again to France

In spite of the contrary medical opinion and the opposition of the confreres, Don Bosco undertook another journey to France in search of funds for the church of the Sacred Heart, Rome. (cfr. MB XVII, 417)

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