March 21

1858: Religious and free citizens

During the second audience Pius IX granted Don Bosco, the pope spoke especially of the proposed Congregation. The saint was also asked to write down all the incidents connected with his life. The garb and practice of piety must be such as not to draw attention…Briefly, find a way to make each member a religious in the eyes of the Church but a free citizen in the eyes of the world …When you get back to Turin, write down these dreams and everything else you have told me, minutely and in their natural sense. Save all this as a legacy for your Congregation, so that it may serve as an encouragement and norm for your sons…(the pope) had decided to make him a monsignor…Don Bosco who had never been interested in honours, humbly thanked him, but he declined the offer…”Your Holiness, that would never do! My boys wouldn’t recognize me any longer…” He granted him the personal faculties he had requested – the lifetime faculty of hearing confession in omni loco Ecclesiae (everywhere) and a dispensation from reciting the Divine Office. Finally, as if he had not been generous enough, Pius IX granted him every faculty he could think of, with these words: “I grant you all I have the power to grant.” (BM V, 576-579 passim)

1862: Sudden death foretold

After Don Bosco’s announcement of a sudden death, the boys tried to him to tell them their fate, but it was in vain. Ile only gave the following indications. …this would unfailingly happen before two feast days beginning with the letter ‘ P’ and perhaps even before the first of these feasts; it might he two or three weeks. (BM VII. 78) Quite unexpectedly, on April 25, Victor Maestro of Viora (Nlondovi), thirteen, died of a stroke. He was a very tine lad who went to Communion several times a week. To the very day of Don Bosco’s prediction he was well… (BM VII, 81)

1878: Cardinal asked his opinion

Cardinal Manning. archbishop of Westminster, arrived at the Irish seminary and asked Don Bosco (then a guest there) to see him on some important matter. The Cardinal sought Don Basco’s opinion on matters concerning relations between the Holy See and the Italian government. The Holy Father had instructed the cardinal to seek Don Bosco’s opinion. (cfr. BM XIII, 390)

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