March 20

1859: Sodality of St. Joseph

The veneration he (Don Bosco) professed to this Saint was naturally a factor in his plans to establish the St. Joseph Sodality. This became feasible when the cleric John Bonetti…returned to the Oratory and was entrusted with the care of the artisans…Knowing Don Bosco’s intentions for a sodality for the artisans, he sought and obtained his permission to establish one… The enrollment took place on a Sunday, probably March 20 (1859) and was solemnized both in and out of church. (BM VI, 104)

1936: Death of Father Pio Conde, Martyr (Spain)

– aged 51, a salesian for 31 years and a priest for 21 – martyred at Valence, cause introduced on October 9, 1956. (cfr. CD13. 113)

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