March 2

1846: Filippi fields

Good Father Moretta had no choice but to inform Don Bosco that he
would have to find new quarters and served him notice to move out as
soon as possible. This was caused by the complaints of tenants. On
March 2nd, Don Bosco paid the full month’s rent of fifteen lire.
Don Bosco had approached the Filippi brothers and rented a nearby Meadow from them, to the east of Father Moretta ‘s house So to this meadow the oratory was now moved. (BM 294) The Oratory was shifted to Valdocco on April 12th.

1855: Funerals in the palace

The Rattazzi bill was being discussed in the parliament. This dealt with the confiscation of ecclesiastical goods. Don Bosco predicted that if that was carried out there would he deaths in the royal family. Nevertheless, on March 2 the Rattazzi bill was approved by the Chamber of Deputies by 117 votes to 36… (13M v, 129) True to Don Bosco’s prediction, the Queen Mother and the reigning Queen died and solemn requiem masses were celebrated for them in the cathedral on February 23rd and March 3rd.

1884: Dying Freemason converted

A prominent high-ranking politician belonging to a secret society, was dying. As Don Bosco approached his bed the man said: “Are you hem as a friend or as a priest…woe betide you if you so much as mention the word `confession’.” So saying he seized two pistols… ‘the moment you talk about confession, the first shot will be for you, the second one will be for me.’ But after some time the saint spoke to him about God’s mercy and the sickman seemed absorbed in thought and then said: “If that’s how it is, please hear my confession!” Don Bosco prepared him and heard his confession. As soon as the patient received absolution, he told Don Bosco with tears of joy that he had never before experienced or believed such happines• was possible. (BM IV, 115)

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