March 18

1868: Don Bosco blundered?

Don Bosco had foretold that a boy would die before March 19. The evening of 18th came and the Exercise for a Happy Death was about to start and there was no indication of anyone dying! Though the confessors were ready, the boys were in no mood to make their confession and there was a sneer on many a face. The new ones seized on this apparent failure to ridicule all the amazing things they had heard about Don Bosco. Much harm was being done, especially among the artisans. At supper time Spirito Rossi, the one in charge of the dining room and the wine cellar, was missing. He was nowhere to be found. Finally the door of the cellar was forced open. They found his body in one of the empty vats. The fumes had killed him. Even the most skeptical among the Oratory residents became convinced of Don Bosco’s prophetic spirit. Father John Cagliero was a witness to this. (BM IX, 60)

1895: Costamagna bishop

After 18 years of missionary work in Patagonia, Father Costamagna was appointed Vicar Apostolic of the new Vicariate of Mendez and Gualaquiza, in Ecquador. He was ordained a bishop on May 23, (cfr. “Boll. Sal.” p. 146)

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