March 13

1846: Oratory to be disbanded

Marquis Cavour, Prefect of Turin told Don Bosco: “I am told that these meetings of your boys are a danger to public order and peace, so I can longer permit them. Take my advice, Don Bosco. Leave those rascals alone. They will only cause you sorrow and give trouble to the city authorities…obey me at once and promise to disband this group.” (BM II, 314)

1846: Quit Notice

On his return from the City Hall (cfr. above), Don Bosco found a note from the Filippi brothers informing him that they were terminating the lease on the meadow which he had for a whole year. “We are willing to waive the rent you already owe us, on condition that you evacuate the meadow within fifteen days, as we are unable to grant you further extension.” (13M 11, 316) It all seemed like a well-prepared plot, everything seemed to go against Don Bosco. But these were only trials to make him realize that it was God who was guiding him.

1869: Broken promise and death

Don Bosco spoke to the confreres about the death of a woman and the reason why a novena to Our Lady had proved fruitless. “I visited her,” he said, “and after giving her my blessing, I invited her relatives to make a novena to Mary Help of Christians. …her relatives promised to donate 3,000 lire to the Oratory. Immediately the patient began to improve and take liquid food. On seeing this, her relatives said they would give only 500 lire. In no time her condition again became critical. Once more they promised 3,000 lire, and again the woman improved with hope of full recovery. The family then sent word to Don Bosco that they would split their offering three ways…The sick woman worsened once more.””And now she is dead,” Chevalier Oreglia concluded. (13M IX, 272)

1885: Don Bosco dead?

Newspaper vendors shouted at Turin, “Don Bosco is dead, 50 cents copy!” The saint remarked, “As long as I hear about my death with m] own ears, the danger is not great!” (cfr. MB XVII, 418)
1900: Death of St. Leonard Murialdo Born in Turin in 1828 of wealthy parents, he became the priest of the poor, like Don Bosco. In 1873 he founded the Pious Society of St. Joseph to look after poor youths. He..was also quite active in awakening Catholics… to further the movement fora Christian democracy in Italy. He was proclaimed a saint by Pope Paul VI on May 3, 1970. (BM VIII, 122-footnote) He was a great friend, collaborator and benefactor of Don Bosco.

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