March 11

1867: Bright future foretold

When the Lenten catechism classes started at the Oratory, there was a new teacher: young Augustine Richelmy. On completing his secondary schooling, he entered the diocesan seminary, and Don Bosco remarked: “You will see what this virtuous seminarian will become one day!” His auspicious forecast could not have had a better fulfilment. (In 1898) Augustine Richelmy became archbishop of Turin and, later, a cardinal. (BM VIII,316)

1919: Death of Fr.Vincent Lemoyne

He was the brother of the more famousJohn Baptist Lemoyne, the author of the first 9 volumes of the Biographical Memoirs. To the latter Don Bosco said on July 9, 1868, “You will not be the only salesian in Yur family!” In fact, 14 years later in 1893 one of the boys of the family became a salesian. In 1882 pointing out brother Vincent to John Baptist, the saint said: “Here is another one yet, whom I want to catch for myself.” In fact, Vincent became a salesian in 1900 and could assist the elder brother at the point of death. (cfr.BM IX,127)

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