March 1

1857: Dominic left Valdocco

Dominic Savio, who was sick for quite some time, was asked by the doctor to go home. He left the Oratory and died at home on 9 March. On the morning of his departure from the Oratory, Dominic again joined his companions in making the Exercise of Happy Death with great devotion…When it was time to go, he told Don Bosco: “Since you don’t want this poor body of mine, I’ll have to take it back to Mondonio. It would have burdened you for only a few days, and then all would soon be over. But God’s will be done…” (BM V, 417)

1863: Death foretold

March 1. At the ‘Good Night’ Don Bosco notified the students that one of them would make only one more Exercise for a Happy Death. The necrology had this entry: “Joseph Scaglietti of Camagna, thirteen, died at home on April 3 (1863).” (BM vu, 238)

1869: Approbation of the Congregation

A decree issued by the Sacred Congregation of Bishops and Regulars
approved the Salesian Congregation. (cfr. BM IX, 257ff)

1881: Prepared Colle for heaven

On arriving in Toulon, Don Bosco visited the Colle family. They were
hoping that Don Bosco’s blessing would bring young Luigi to perfect
health. It was not so.
Realizing that the youth was ready for heaven, Don Bosco
prepared him to offer his life gladly to the Lord and was touched
to see how docile he was to the inspirations of grace…after
receiving the Last Rites, he said to his parents, “I am going to
heaven. Don Bosco told me so.” (BM XV, 57)

1938: Colle Don Bosco

Fifty years after the death of Don Bosco, the Becchi hill became ‘Cone
Don Bosco, and was chosen as the site for a modern Technical and
Agricultural school. It bears the name ‘Bernardi-Semeria’, the two
benefactors who made it possible! (cfr. MB XIX, 382)

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