June 8

1856: Sodality of the Immaculate

One day during Mass no one went to Holy Communion. That same afternoon, after they had returned from school, Bongiovanni and Durando called together some schoolmates and decided to form a group to make sure that at least one of the members would receive Communion every day of the week. Dominic Savio joined them and planned, acting on Don Bosco’s suggestion,to make it permanent. He selected some trusted companions and founded the Immaculate Conception Sodality. After consultation with his Friends, and with the assistance of Joseph Bongiovanni, Dominic drafted a set of regulations. Then, after much thought, on June 8, 1856, nine months before his death, he read them aloud as the sodality members knelt before Our Lady’s altar… (BM  V, 313)

1867: Bishop Gastaldi friendly

Lawrence Gastaldi was ordained bishop of Saluzzo. Before leaving Turin he Came to the Oratory where he was received with love and veneration. At the close of the reception in the Bishop’s honour, Don Bosco arose and said, “Your Excellency, two favours I ask of you: that you always befriend our house and that you visit us whenever you come to Turin.” “I heartily grant the first,” the bishop replied, “because you all know that I have always loved this house. I cannot grant the second because I don’t know if circumstances will permit it. I promise, though, to visit you every time I can.” (BM VIII, 352)

1920: Colomiatti’s objection

The diocesanprocess for the beatification of Don Bosco was approved by the Sacred Congregation of Rites. But before it could proceed further, an objection of Colomiatti, the Economer of the archbishop of Turin who wanted to defend Gastaldi (+ March 25, 1883), had to he Overcome. Only two years later could Don Bosco’s cause proceed. (cfr. MB XIX, 68-69)

1956: Dominic Savio Patron of ‘Pueri Cantores’

Following the suggestion of Cardinal Fel tin, archbishop of Paris, and the unanimous petition of the Presidents of `Pueri Cantores’ (boy-singers) from 25 nations, St. Dominic Savio was proclaimed Patron of `Pueri Cantores’ by Pope Pius XII. (ANS 1956) 

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