June 5

1841: Priestly Ordination

Don Bosco was ordained by Archbishop Fransoni of Turin. He made the following resolution on that occasion:
“…The priest does not go to heaven, or to hell alone…. Therefore I pledge myself to keep the following resolutions: 1) Never to go for a stroll unless for grave reasons like visiting the sick, etc. 2) To he very rigorous in the use of my time. 3) To suffer, work, humble myself…. 4) The charity and gentleness of St. Francis of Sales are to he my guide. 5) I will always he satisfied with whatever food is presented to me. 6)1 shall drink my wine mixed with water…. to the extent that it will benefit my health. 7) Work is a powerful weapon against the enemies of the soul… not take more than five or six hours of sleep…. no rest during the day 8) I shall set aside some time every day for meditation and spiritual reading.. brief visit to the Blessed sacrament…qua rter of an hour in preparation for Mass and another quarter of an hour in thanksgiving. 9) I shall never indulge in conversation with women, except to hear their confession or when it is necessary for their spiritual welfare.” (BM 1, 385)

1846: Pinardi room on rent

On June 5 (1846), he (Don Bosco) rented three adjoining rooms facing west on the upper floor at five lire each a month; their lease extended from July 1, 1846 to January 1, 1849. (BM II, 365)

1884: Vocation depends on the teacher

The minutes of the Superior Chapter’s meeting presided over by Don Bosco on June 5, 1884 pay Father Borio’s work at Lanzo this generous praise: “Father Rua noted from personal experi once that the overall success in the secondary school senior year always depends on the teacher. Since Father Borio began to teach rhetoric at Lanzo the Congregation has always had novices who graduated from that boarding school.” (BM xv, 398-footnote)

1891: Death of Father John Bonetti (1838-1891)

He was born at Caramagna (Cuneo on November 5, 1838). He came to the Oratory in 1855. Father Matthew Pico, who taught him in his senior year, called him “a priceless youth.” John was one of the young men who in December 1850 banded with Don Bosco to found the Salesian Congregation. He was elected a member of the first superior council….
He died at the Oratory at the age of fifty-three on June 5, 1891, fulfilling Don Bosco’s prophecy that he would be the first member of the superior chapter to follow him in death. Blessed Michael Rua hailed Father Bonetti as “a tireless apostolic labourer, a valiant champion in promoting God’s glory and the salvation of souls, an amiable counsellor in comfort and advice.” (BM XIV, 563) 

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