June 4

1874: Cripple cured

Don Bosco blessed a cripple in the sacristy of the church of Mary, Help of Christians. He was immediately cured. (cfr MB X. 85)

1875: “Good Night” in dialogue

During the Good Night Father Barberis asked Don Bosco for an explanation regarding the dream of the fight between the boys and the devil. (cfr. BM XI, 244-245)

1887: Almsgiving

Don Bosco always spoke on the necessity of almsgiving. However, at times even the salesians objected to some of his phrases which were too frank. On this day the saint narrated a dream of his. “A few nights ago Our Lady appeared to me and remonstrated with me on my silence with regard to the use of riches. Among other things she told me that many priests were damned because of the sins against the sixth and the ninth commandments, but above all because of the bad use of money. At the same time she complained that priests did nor dare to speak on this topic from the pulpit.” (MB XVIII, 361) Don Bosco would have liked a book to be written on almsgiving. This was done in 1898, by Father Francesia. The title of the book was “L ‘elemosina ossia it Paradiso assicurato ai ricchi nella Persona deipoveri.” (Paradise Assured to the Rich Through the Poor) (BM xv, 439-footnote)

1890: Process of beatification

The first meeting of the tribunal for the beatification and canonization of Don Bosco was held under the presidency of Card. Alimonda at Turin. The last one was on l st April, 1897. (crf. MB XIX,43-47)

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