June 29

1847: Respect for Don Bosco’s boys

Archbishop Franzoni came to administer confirmation for the first time at the Oratory. As he mounted the improvised throne, the mitred archbishop forgot that the chapel was not as lofty as his cathedral… and so the point of his mitre humped against the ceiling. Smiling, he removed the mitre and murmured, “I must show respect for these young gentlemen and preach to them bareheaded.” (BM III, 157)

1947: Introduction of Rinaldi’s cause

The cause for the beatification and canonization of Father Philip Rinaldi was started this day at Turin. (cfr. Don Bosco nel Mondo. p, 56)

1880: Our Houses are at Your Service

In France the decree against the Jesuits began to be enforced on June 30. At four in the morning of that day, all through France, police and military forced their way into the Jesuit houses, breaking down doors and physically evicting the religious. Then the houses were shut with the government seal… Knowing that the Jesuits would inevitably be the first to suffer eviction, as soon as the decrees were promulgated he (Don Bosco) wrote to Father (Peter) Beckx, the Jesuit Superior gen-eral, to say that “in this common upheaval our houses were at his service in whatever way needed.’ Father Beckx expressed his thanks for the ‘generous, spontaneous and unconditional of-fer’…” (BM XIV, 476)

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