June 25

1867: The Virtue of Purity

During the Good Night talk Don Bosco narrated the following dream. Finally I came to a door at the end of a corridor (in a magnificent palace) that opened into another hall even more magnificent than all the others. At the far end, a bishop sat majestically in an imposing armchair, apparently awaiting somebody…I recog-nized him as a dear friend of mine who died two years ago… “Are you in heaven or in pumatory?” (asked Don Bosco) “I am in a place of salvation, but I have not yet seen God. I still need your prayers…-
“Tell me something…I shall repeat to my boys in your name.”
“Tell them to be good and obedient…to be modest and to pray, to Go to confession often and to make worthy communion… Im-modesty and impurity, a sin which like a murky cloud, prevents youngsters from seeing the abyss toward which they are heading. Tell them to guard jealously the virtue of purity. It is the virtue that shines brightest in heaven. The pure shall flourish like the lily (Is 35, 1)…” (BM VIII. 368-371 passim)

1870: The hour not yet come

The cleric Louis Pesce was critically ill at Cherasco. One night, as his condition worsened, he was given Holy Viaticum and a telegram was sent to Don Bosco: “Doctors say Pesce hopeless.- To this Don Bosco immediately replied: “Do not fear. His hour has not come yet.” Pesce recovered completely and lived till 21 April 191 0. (BM ix, 429)

1879: First Prize for Don Bosco

Mgr. Peter Ceccarelli, pastor at San Nicolas de los Arroyos in Argentina, was in Turin with his archbishop…He offered a prize of one thousand lire to the author of the best book on St. Peter in a simple, popular style…entrusted the matter to Father James Margotti, editor of Unita Cattolica, on the condition, however, that Don Bosco head a committee of competent salesians ap-pointed by him to evaluate the entries according to the rules followed in similar contests…The committee met on June 25 to open the envelopes…Father John Bosco!…he declined the prize in favour of whatever charity Monsignor Peter Ceccarelli, the sponsor, might choose. (BM xiv, 103-106)

1889: She will not die

While he was staying with the FMA Sisters at Borgo San Martino, Blessed Rua was requested to visit Sister Philomena Bozzo who was dying. Father Rua reassured them saying, “Do not worry, Sister Ph ilomena will not die, because she has much to do still.” On the following day she was all right! (cfr. DR, 1, 456-458)

1922: Diamond Jubilee

Card. Cagliero and Father Francesia celebrated their diamond jubilee on this day. They were ordained on 14 June 1862. (cfr. CDB, 246)

1922: Pius XI on Don Bosco

The Pope was elected on Feb. 6, 1922 and his first panegyric on Don Bosco was to the pupils of Sacred Heart, Rome. The Holy Father was glad to recall that he had met Don Bosco personally (cfr. October 1883). The Pope also made allusion to the sacerdotal Jubilee of Card. Cagliero at the Oratory of Turin. (cfr. MB XIX. 70-72; CDB, 246)

1954: Death of Bishop Mariaselvam

He was the first Indian Salesian Bishop. He did his novitiate at Genzano (Rome) and took his doctorate in the Lateran University. He wrote the life of Don Bosco and St. Dominic Savio in Tamil. In 1953 he was made the first Bishop of Vellore.The Lord called him to Himself on 25 June 1954, a year after his episcopal ordination. (cfr CDB, 247)

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