June 23

1860: Death of Joseph Cafasso

He was born at Castelnuovo in 1811 and died at Turin in 1860. He taught Don Bosco Moral Theology and was known as “the Pea rl of Piedmontese Clergy.” He was very much sought after as a spiritual director and for his ministry in the prisons and at the gallows. In fact he was known also as “the priest of the gallows.” He was beatified in 1925 and canonized in 1947. Feast of St. John Cafasso is celebrated on June 23. (cfr. CDB, 240)

1867: Secret Letter to Pius IX

Don Bosco sent Father Cagliero and Father Savio on a special mission to the Vatican. The former was to hand over to the Holy Father a secret letter. the contents of which he did not know. On June 25, Father Cagliero entrusted it to Monsignor Pacifici who personally handed it to Pius IX with the required precau-tions. On July 6, Father Cagliero met Monsignor Manacorda who told him in utter fright and shock that he had seen a high-ranking Vatican official heing led to jail. He then went on, “A few days ago Pius IX received a confidential message. An investigation has disclosed disloyal plots in the Vatican printshop…” (BM VIII, 373)

1884 Don Bosco’s humility

On the eve of his name-feast, Don Bosco answered the letters of greetings and wishes he had received: “Since I do not have all the virtues you seem to admire in me, at least for the future I shall try to practise them, so that you won’t have to be poetical the next time!” (BM XVII, 164)

1911: Process for Mazzarello’s Beatification

On this day the diocesan process for the beatification and canonisation of Mary Mazzarello began at Aqui. She died on 11 May 1881. (“Roll. Sal.” 1911, p, 203)

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