June 22

1857: Death of Marianne Occhiena

Father Lacqua’s housekeeper died at Capriglio in 1824 and her place was taken by Marianne Occhiena, Margaret’s sister. (BM 1, 75) After a long illness, Marianne… died a saintly death at the Oratory… She had looked after the house linen with great dedication. (BM V, 435)

1866: Passed through closed doors?

… Mr. Vincent Provera, brother of the school’s (Mirabello) prefect, offered him (Don Bosco) a room for the night in his house. Don Bosco accepted. To the amazement of the whole family, very early the next morning Don Bosco was back at the school, although all the doors of the Provera’s house had been locked the night before and could not beleopened except with a key. (BM VIII, 184)

1947: Canonization of Joseph Cafasso

He died on 23 June 1860 and was canonized on 22 June 1947, by Pope Pius XII. (cfr. CDB, 240)

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