June 21

Feast of St. Aloysius

Right from the beginning of his works, Don Bosco proposed St. Aloysius as an example of purity to his boys. The First Sodality he founded for them was named after this saint (cfr. No. 346) So too, he placed the second Oratory he founded under his protection. (cfr. No. 1274)

1852: Dominic Savio at Castelnuovo

Dominic Savio began his schooling at Castelnuovo , where John Bosco had preceded him by twenty years. (cfr. Vita di DS, p, 30ff)

1876: Death of Giovanna Rua

She had taken the place of Mamma Margaret at the Oratory in 1856. (BM X, 132)
1881: St. Aloysius’ protection
On June 21, while celebrating Mass, just before the consecration he (Don Bosco) wrote – I saw him. He (Louis colle) was unchanged, ruddy and brilliant in beauty, his skin resplendent as the sun. I immediately asked if he had a message for us, and he replied quite simply, “St. Aloysius has considerably helped and protected me.” (BM XV, 62) 

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