June 2

1885: Blind child cured

A blind child was brought by the mother to Don Bosco. The Saint blessed him and on the following day he was completely cured. (cfr. MB XVII, 466)

1885: In heaven already

Father Chiatellino of Carignano went to Turin to ask Don Bosco to pray for novice Luigi Nicola, who was seriously sick. Don Bosco told him. “Nicola does not need our prayers any more. He is in heaven already! In fact he came to greet me during Mass. He is praying for us.” The novice died while Don Bosco was celebrating Mass. (cfr. MB XVII, 471)

1901: Death of Father Joseph Bruschi

I k was the postmaster at La Spezia. He was a great help to Don Bosco lounding the sideman house in that city. Subsequently he became a iilesian and was ordained a priest in 1895. (cfr. BM XIII, 51849)

1929: Beatification of Don Bosco

It was Pope Pius XI who beatified him. (cfr. MB XIX,136-150)While approving the miracles for the beatification, the Pope said: The hull of eanoniiation of St.Thomas Aquinas states that, in the absence of other miracles, each article of his Summa was a miracle in itself. In our day too we could say that every year, every moment, of Don Bosco’s life was a miracle – indeed a series of miracles. (BM X, 1)

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