June 18

1861: Ex-priest helped

On June 18, 1861 a “lost sheep” came to Don Bosco, and said: “I am a priest. I left my parish to serve under Garibaldi. I was tricked into apostasy and became a Protestant. But I am unhappy, and I have always been so since I went astray…Now I am in a miserable state, both physically and spiritually. I would like to return to my bishop, but…” (BM VI, 584) Don Bosco received him with great kindness and helped him to return to the right path.

1864: Frequent Communion

Don Bosco exhorted his boys to receive holy Communion every day. You might like to ask how often you should receive Communion. Listen. When the Israelites were in the desert, they ate the manna which daily fell from heaven. Now, the Gospel tells us that the manna was a symbol of the Eucharist. We should therefore partake of it every day, as long as we are here on earth. (BM VII, 408)

1871: Mary visited dying boy

Michael Franzero aged 11, a pupil of the Oratory, was privileged to see Our Lady coming to receive him at the point of death.

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