June 16

1846: Election of Pius IX

On June 16, 1846, Cardinal John Mastai Ferretti, Bishop of Imola, was elected Pope, and took the name of Pius IX. Shortly after the news was received, even in the humble little chapel of St. Francis de Sales a hymn of thanksgiving rose to God for having given the Church, after such a brief interval, another head, another father of all the faithful, one who would turn out to be also a great benefactor of the Oratory. (BM II, 368) He reigned as Pope for 32 years!

1864: Set conscience right

Don Bosco was not happy with the Exercise for a Happy Death done by the boys because he saw in a dream several boys coming out of the Church with snouts like swine. He said: “This means that these boys either did not make the Exercise for a Happy Death or made it badly. What I am driving at is this: those whose conscience bothers them should set things right during this novena of Our Lady of Consolation…” As he was about to retire for the night, he said to me (Father Ruffino): “Tell so-and-so that he must translate these words correctly: lupus rapax (ravenous wolf), and this other fellow: Olim angelus, nunc sus (once an angel, now a pig).” (BM VII, 407)

1867:Shepherd and Sheep

Don Bosco narrated the dream he had on May 30th, regarding purity. (crf. No. 539)

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