June 14

1862: Three more priests

Cagliero, Fusero and Francesia were ordained by Mgr. Balma on Ember Saturday, June 14, 1862. After the ceremonies, Father Francesia read a thank-you address on behalf of all the religious and diocesan clerics who had been ordained – a task that always fell on the Salesians because of their literary reputation. (BM VII, 115)

1864: Death foretold

After announcing the Exercise for a Happy Death, Don Bosco added: “We have many reasons for doing it well: to obtain good health from God, help to pass examination…Then, took one of us will not be able to make it again. Who? It may be I, it may be one of you! At all events, it will be one of us! You are wondering. I could tell you, but not just now.” (BM VII, 405) The allusion was to Luigi Vallino aged 15, who died on 15 July 1864.

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