June 12

1867: Tuberculosis patient cured

Don Bosco spoke to the boys who were around him after supper: -A mother came yesterday with a donation of a hundred lire in thanksgiving for her son’s cure from consumption. A few days ago she had brought him to me for a blessing. I blessed him and told him to make a novena to Mary Help of Christians. No sooner had they reached home (so the mother told me) than the boy asked for something to eat. For the past five or six months he had a very bad cough and could not even swallow broth, but from that day on his cough stopped and the he was able to swallow. He is now in perfect health.” (BM VIII, 357)

1954: Canonization of Dominic Savio

As on the occasion of Pius X’s canonization, the ceremony was held in St. Peter’s Square. Dominic Savio. the youngest confessor saint, was canonzend during the Marian year (first centenary of the proclamation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception and 100 years after his first consecration to Jesus and Mary). His feast was fixed for May 6. (cfr “L’Osscr. Rom.” 14-15 June 1954)

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