June 10

1841: To begin to say mass is to begin to suffer

Don Bosco was ordained a priest on 5 June. On 10th he said his first Mass at Castelnuovo, Don Bosco, his home Parish. The words Mamma Margaret said that evening to her priest-son are truly memorable: “When we were alone that day, my mother said to me these memorable words: ‘You are now a priest, and you celebrate Mass. You are, therefore, closer to Jesus Christ. But remember that to begin to say Mass is to begin to suffer. You will not become aware of this immediately, but little by little you will realize that your mother was right. I am sure that you will pray for me every day, whether I be still living or dead, and that is enough for me.From now on you must think only of saving souls; never worry about me.” (BM 1, 388)

1861: Boys with special gifts

Don Bosco spoke of the privileged boys of the Oratory to some clerics: “Right now we have boys here who have been favoured by God with special gifts. This is a proof of the Lord’s presence. During communion, one boy… saw a globe which filled the entire church and then gradually shrank…finally disappeared…we could inter-pret the whole thing thus: Just as Cavour was about to fade away by death, swollen with pride he raised himself even above the Blessed Sacrament, and then collapsed and disappeared… At the Elevation, another boy saw Our Divine Saviour crucified. At first, Our Lord was most handsome, majestic, and vigorous, but He soon showed extreme pain and became painfully thin…My dear children,’ Jesus replied, ‘this is the will of My Eternal Father.’ Then the vision vanished…the mostobvious explanation is that Jesus is now suffering through His Church There is a third boy,…Our Lady enjoys talking to him and tells him different, secret future events. At times, when I want to know something about the future, I recommend myself to him…He asks Our Lady and then tells me in all simplicity….we have several such pupils…illusions are not to be ruled out. However, one thing is certain: Mary loves us…. A boy kept asking me…again and again to go home to be present at his pastor’s death. I finally agreed…their pastor was well. To everybody’s surprise, however a few days later he became ill, received the Last Sacraments, and died.” (BM VI, 578-80 passim)

1877: Generosity of Pius IX

During Don Bosco’s last visit to Pius IX (+7 February 1878) the Pope was extremely kind and generous and promised to help his mission and the poor houses. The Pope gave him vestments and other objects he had received for his Jubilee. (cfr. BM XII, 105 and No.562) 

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