June 1

1865: Not yet time to die

Cleric Francis Cerruti was seriously ill. He felt totally exhausted, this spittle was tinged with blood and a persistent cough and phlegm tormented him. Don Bosco told him not to worry, but his condition worsened. One day, Father Rua his Rector, informed Don Bosco of the hopeless condition of Cerruti. On his return the Rector said to the cleric: “Listen to this. Don Bosco wants you to know that your hour hasn’t come yet and that you’d better think about getting well. He also asked me who your doctor was, and when I told him, he replied, ‘That doctor doesn’t know what he is doing’….the next morning I resumed teaching and by evening felt better. The following day I felt almost entirely cured and continued my work to the end of the year. (BM VIII, 81) (Fr.Cerruti died on 25 March 1917)

1867: Stone-deaf boy cured

“Then this morning at about ten, they brought a five-year-old boy to mc. He was stone-deaf and would not have heard a cannon shot. After blessing him, I softly clapped my hands behind his hack. He turned about at once and smiled. How good Our Lady is!” (BM VIII, 349)

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