July 4

1860: Miraculous cure

July 4 (1860). Today the cleric Louis Castellano was cured. It happened this way. His doctor, who had given him up, seldom even visited him. A second and a third doctor were summoned, and they too gave no hope of recovery. Don Bosco himself agreed with them…Nevertheless, after hearing the young cleric’s confession. Don Bosco blessed him and exclaimed, If Dominic Savio cures him, it will be a sure proof of Dominic’s sanctity.” That very day, Castellano’s temperature dropped to normal and shortly after he returned to the Oratory. (BM VI, 375)

1864: Sum total of perfection

During a conference on Obedience, Don Bosco brought out man` examples of perfect obedience: Obedience is not only the sum total of spiritual perfection; it is also the easiest, safest, surest and quickest way of growing in holiness and gaining heaven itsel St.Teresa was so convinced of this that she used to say that, should all the angels unanimously tell her to do one thing while her superior ordered her to do the opposite, she would unhesitatingly follow the latter…St.Aloysius is said never to have transgressed even the least school regulation, having personally admitted that he had never disobeyed his superior’s slightest directive or order… Listen to this incident in St.Dositheus’s life… At his death 5 years later, Our Lord revealed to the abbot that Dositheus had received the same reward given to the hermits St.Anthony and St.Paul (because of his obedience)… (BM VII, 417-418)

1866: In Heaven with Our Lady

Earnest Saccardi an exemplary boy of Mirabello was nicknamed ‘The Angel.’ He was brought to the Oratory in failing health, the diagnosis of the best doctors was distressing. On the eve of his death, I asked him if I could do anything for him. “Tell my companions,” he replied, “that tomorrow I shall be in heaven with Our Lady.” …Since he kept saying that he wanted to go to heaven with Our Lady that very day, I asked him what made him so sure. “Our Lady Herself,” he answered. “I have chosen Her as my Mother. She will keep Her word….” “Ask my mother to tell certain friends of mine she knows that I die regretting having ever met them. Before death surprises them, they should make amends for the scandal given me.” (BM VIII, 190-191)

1884: Importance of the “Good Night”

Speaking of the “Good night” Don Bosco saki that it was the key of the house, and almost everything. (cfr. MB XVIII, 189)

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