July 30

1854: Cholera epidemic

The cholera epidemic foretold by Don Bosco began to take its toll of the first victims. The saint and his boys did yeoman service in helping the plague-stricken. (cfr. CDB,285 and No. 799)

1860: Rua’s First Mass

On the following day, July 30, Don Rua said his first mass at the Oratory without special solemnity, and in the evening took Don Bosco’s place in giving the “Good Night.” (BM vt, 407)

1876: Dream on Patagonia

Don Bosco had this dream in 1872. He first narrated it in March 1876 to Pius IX. On July 30th he narrated it to Father Bodrato. I seemed to be in a wild region I had never before seen…Throngs of naked, dark-skinned, fierce-looking, long-haired men of exceptional height and build swarmed all over this plain… Some men were hunting, others were carrying bloodied chunks of meat at spear point, still others were fighting among themselves or with European soldiers…Just then many people came into sight… missionaries of various orders… those savages… overwhelmed them with fiendish fury and hatred, killing them, ripping them apart, hacking them into pieces… Then I saw a small band of other missionaries…I recognized them as our own Salesians…I was about to force them back when I saw that the barbarians seemed pleased by their arrival…our missionaries mingled with them and taught them, and they docilely listened and learned quickly… Missionaries recited the rosary as they advanced and the savages…joined in the prayers…Then a missionary intoned: Praise Mary, Ye Faithful Tongues, and, as with one voice, the song swelled in such unison and power that I awoke, partly frightened. (BM x, 46ff)

1936: Father Sergio Cid, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 52, a salesian for 31 years and a priest for 24

– martyred at Vallvidrera, cause introduced on December 15, 1953. (cfr. CDB, 286) 

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