July 3

1863: Our Lady’s message

The Blegsed Virgin was always uppermost in Don Bosco’s heart and mind. One evening, she appeared to him in a dream. She carrried a richly embroidered pouch full of paper slips, inviting each of them to pick one. He added that he followed Her and that, as each boy took out a slip, he made a mental note of its contents. He ended his brief talk by saying that all had picked a slip, except one who deliberately stood aloof, and that when he glanced at the unclaimed slip, he read: “Death”…Amazingly every one of the seven hundred pupils received a brief saying (from Don Bosco) which unerringly gave a counsel or a warning. Still more amazing, even years later Don Bosco still remembered what he had told each boy. (BM VII, 281)

1872: Interdiocesan Seminary?

Don Bosco was thinking of setting up an interdiocesan seminary at Turin. in agreement with the Bishopsof Piedmont, Liguria and Lombardy. “…the bishops…enthusiastically endorsed the project. Most elated over it were the archbishops of Genoa and Vercelli and the bishop of Novara. All, however, set one condition- that Don Bosco be its director.” (BM x, 167)

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