July 27

1856: Joy at Don Bosco’s safe return

After the incident of the lightning striking him (cfr. July 25) when Don Bosco returned to the Oratory there was great rejoicing. Two days later on Sunday 27th, Mgr. Foux described to the boys what had happened at St. Ignatius’ and urged them to thank God and the Blessed Virgin for miraculously saving their beloved father. The TeDeum was intoned and the boys sang with indescribable enthusiasm.(cfr. BM V, 337)

1868: Vocation confirmed

When Don Bosco arrived at Fenestrelle, Joseph Ronchail and two seminarians went to meet him: …ignoring the seminarians, he (Don Bosco) warmly greeted Ronchail. Grasping his hand, he exclaimed: “Here is a bird that should he caged.- His words made a deep impression on the young man… the good woman (Ronchail’s mother) begged Don Bosco to bless her daughters. The elder, just fourteen, was nearly blind, while the youngersuffered from a chronic eye inflammation which forced her to keep her eyes closed because of the pain caused by the daylight. Don Bosco suggested that they make a novena to Mary, I lel p of Christians and say daily three Paters, A tr Ind Glorias and one Salve Regina… the elder girl recovered her sight instantly…on the last day (of the novena) the younger one too repined her sight perfectly. …Convinced of the latter’s (DB’s) supernatural enlightenment regarding his vocation, Ronchail uttered the Oratory on October 1 of that year. (BM 149-150)

1886: Antidote against cholera

Writing to a benefactress, Don Bosco suggested the following means to he preserved from cholera which was then devastating Piedmont: – the medal of Our Lady the invocation, Mary Help of Christians. pray for uc, – confession and communion. (cfr. MB XVIII, 167)

1936: Father Caselles, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 29. a salesian for 9 years and a priest for a month – martyred at Barcelona. cause introduced on December 15. 1953. (cfr.CDB, 279)

1936: Clerk Philip Hernandez, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 23. a salesian for 6 years – martyred at SarriA. cause introduced on December 15, 1953. (cfr. MB, 280)

1936: Cleric Zachary Abaci’s, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 23, a salesian for6 years – martyred at Sarria, cause introduced on December I. 1953. (dr. (1)B, 280)

1936: Brother Jaime Ortiz, Martyr (Spanish)

-aged 23, a salesian for 4 years – manyred at Sarnia cause introduced on December 15, 1933. (cfr. CDB,

1936: Father Andrew Jimenez, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 32, a priest for 10 years and a novice for 15 days – martyred at Guadalajara, cause introduced October 9, 1956. (cfr. CDB, 281) 

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