July 23

1864: “Decretum Laudis”

The Sacred Congregation of Bishops and Regulars issued the Decree of Praise. Great joy came to Don Bosco on July 23, 1864. After careful study and consultation, the Sacred Congregation of Bishops and Regulars issued, with the Pope’s approval, a decretum laudis on bchal f of the Salesian Congregation, thus sanctioning its existence and spirit…This decree, togetherwith the customary introductory letter, was sent to the vicar capitularof Turin who then forwarded it to Don Bosco. (BM VII, 4 25)

1907: Sister Valse prepared for heaven

Don Bosco appeared to Servant of God. Sister Theresa Vals Pantellini, FMA at Milan. She was in bed when he came. “Oh, Don Bosco,” she said, 1 prefer logo to heaven and not to get well. Sister Lenci next door wants to get cured…” Smiling Don Bosco entered the next room and ordered her to getup. She was cured! instead, Sister Theresa Valse Pantellini died on 3 September 1907. (cfr. MB, XIX, 61)

1936: Cleric Javier Bordas, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 22, a salesian for 4 years – martyred at Horta, cause introduced on 15 December 1953. (cfr. CDB, 274)

1936: Cleric Victorian Fernandez, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 23, a salesian for 3 years – martyred at Madrid, cause introduced on 9 October 1956. (cfr. CDB, 275)

1936: Brother Emilio Arce, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 28, a salesian for 10 years – martyred at Horta, cause introduced on October 9,1956. (cfr. CDB, 275)

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