July 21

1850: Pope’s rosaries

Pius IX fled to Gaeta on November 1848. On 25 March 1849 Don Bosco’s boys sent a small offering of thirty-three lire to the Holy Father. The Pope had 60 dozen rosaries bought and sent to Don Bosco’s boys. The saint had them solemnly distributed. On the evening of Sunday, July 21, all the boys of the three oratories gathered at their head quarters in Valdocco….After the sermon and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, the boys filed singly to the altar…even some priests and other staff members of the Oratory of St. Francis de Sales lined up with the boys; Michael Rua and Ascanio Savio were among the latter. It was edifying to see the respect with which they all approached the altar and prided themselves on possessing a gift from the Vicar of Jesus Christ. (BM IV, 58-59 passim)

1862: Wolves among boys

In a letter written from Lanzo (cfrno.711) Don Bosco mentioned certain things he saw in a dream regarding his boys of Valdocco. ….I saw four wolves roaming about among the boys, biting a few. Perhaps not all these ravenous wolves will still be at the Oratory when I return. If they are, I intend to rip the lambs’ clothing off them!…I also noticed that some boys had a serpent coiled about their bodies, striking at their throats. Some were crying, “we have sinned,” others laughingly sang, “We have sinned, and what yet has befallen us?” (BM VII, 135-136)

1936: Father Joseph Limon, Martyr, (Spanish)

– aged 44, a salesian for 26 years and a priest for 17 – martyred at Moron, cause introduced on January 16, 1956. (cfr. CDB, 273)

1936: Brother ,Joseph Blanco, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 44, a salesian for 22 years – martyred at Moron, cause introduced on January 16, 1956. (cfr. CDB, 273)

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